Restoration + Repowering

Restoration + Repowering

In a market that has notoriously lacked specialists, Solar Support has a dedicated team of experts to support every aspect of restoration and repowering for projects big and small. From site inspection to engineering to procurement, we do it all.

When sites are underperforming, we diagnose the cause and create strategies for peak performance cost-effectively. When disaster strikes, Solar Support acts as your first responders, rapidly restoring your site methodically. We are leading the next generation of restoration and repowering projects that will take our industry to the next level.


We provide faster lead times, competitive prices and customized offerings. We keep inventory on demand and leverage the volume of our network for better prices for you. We capitalize on warranty expirations and offer customized options. Simplifying logistics ultimately saves you time and money. We don't stop there; we offer full-scale inverter and stack program solutions to ensure the parts are installed properly and working efficiently.

Data is power

Our services are built around providing and curating needed industry knowledge for our clients. Our data analysis is the only 3rd party service to analyze your data and find the exact issue with your solar site. Our technical service line acts as an in-house customer service team for solar technology companies in order to answer pressing technical questions for customers.

Our industry-first, open-source Community Portal gives you access to our bank of knowledge and best practices, empowering you to find the answers you need.